Gertrude Mary Allen

Gertrude Griffiths nee Allen at the wedding of Ernest and Joan
Gertrude was born in Kent to George Allen & Harriet Ann Mary Brown. She had two elder brothers Ernest & Charles and an elder sister Esterlie. Her father was a builder and the family were quite weathly (they owned a number of properties). Gertrude married Alfred Griffiths a planemaker from Norwich. She had four children Gladys, Allen, Ernest and Reginald who died as an infant. It is not known when Gertrude & Alfred left Norwich to live in Woolwich. However, they did visit Norwich regularly and stayed with their friends Arthur & Gertrude Butcher (Note: Gertrude Butcher was formally a Griffiths). John Butcher her son remembers Alfreds wife as being a smoker and a great talker. He once went to stay with them when he was about 16yrs old. Margaret her Granddaughter also remembers her as being a very fun & interesting lady. At the end of the war their home 119 Como Road was destroyed by a V2 bomb. Alfred & Gretrude were sheltering in a cupboard under the stairs luckily both survived and the house was rebuilt. When Gretrude died she left their house to her son Ernest on condition that Alfred could live there for the remainder of his life. Gertrude Mary Griffiths died in 1954.