Euphemia Lamb (Joan)

Euphemia Lamb as a young woman
Euphemia (Joan to her close friends & family) was one of four children born to William Lamb. She had two brothers Stan, Fred (died WWI) & sister Ethel (who married Ernie Scott). She was born in Sunderland, but by the age of 20 she was living in Woolwich, a dressmaker and married to Ernest George Griffiths. They were very happily married and had a very close relationship with Ernests family. In 1944 aged 24 she had her first son Anthony and in 1950 aged 30 her second son Michael was born. In December 1965 her loving husband Ernest was taken ill and died suddenly at the age of 46. Joan was devastated and lonely. She worked full time as an Insurance Clerk and struggled supporting her two sons. They remained at 119 Como Road until in 1967 she remarried a widower Norman Carson. The family moved to Upminster but later moved to Banbury, due to Normans job as a clerk in Tea Warehousing. Joan was very happy there but Norman was eventually made redundant, they moved to Eastborne. Joan died in 1974 aged 54.

  • Parents
    • William Lamb (Father)
  • Birth
    • 10/04/1920 at: Sunderland to:
  • Marriage
  • Death
    • 1974 to:
  • Children
  • Addresses
    • 1940 at: 256 Dunkery Road, Woolwich to:
    • 1947 at: 40 Wendover Way, Welling, Kent to:
    • 1954 at: 119 Como Road, Forest Hill to:
    • 1967 at: 67 Newbury Gardens, Upminster to: