Alfred Griffiths

Alfred Griffiths at the wedding of Gladys and Leo
Alfred was one of 13 children born in Norwich to John Robert Griffiths (iii). In the 1881 census he is recorded as age 3 living with his father, mother & nine of his siblings. His elder sister Helen & brother John Robert Griffiths (iv) had already left home and George the youngest of the siblings had not yet been born. Later in the 1901 census he is recorded age 23 Planemaker living at 33 Pottergate Street with his brother Horace also a 22yr old Planemaker & George a 17yr old Railway Clerk. His parents at that time where living at 26 Lower Goat Lane with four of their grown up children (Charlotte 30, Ernest 28, Arthur 26 and May Florence 20. Sometime later Alfred married Gertrude Allen a builders daughter from Lee in Kent. They had four children, Reginald born 11/06/1926 in Woolwich their youngest died as an infant. Ernest their youngest surviving son born 20/03/1919 was registered in the sub district of West Wymer Norwich. It is not known when Alfred left Norwich with his wife and three children. By the time Ernest married in 1940 Alfreds profession was recorded as carpenter. During their early life in London Alfred & Gretrude visited Norwich and stayed with their friends Arthur and Gretrude Butcher. (Note: Gretrude Butcher was formally a Griffiths). Towards the end of the war their home 119 Como Road was destroyed by a V2 bomb. Alfred & Gretrude were sheltering in a cupboard under the stairs luckily both survived and the house was rebuilt. When Gretrude died in 1954. She left their home to her son Ernest on condition that Alfred could live their for the remainder of his life. Alfred later remarried.